“Have no fear of perfection — you’ll never reach it.” – Salvador Dali

User experience is EVERYTHING

What is the meaning of UX Design?

UX design or User experience design if you want, is the process of creating a product (website/application/tool or any other things)
that provide meaningful experiences for the users/audions.

UX design consider 3 questions: Why, What and How the product gonna be use, this involves the design of the product, and it's including the branding, the usability, and functionality.

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Some of my UX/UI design projects

UX/UI for Websites


UX case study

Short Overview

THE PAINTER website serves as a bridge between professional colors and potential customers.The website also provides information available to its users and is also used as a design magazine

The challenge

The challenge was to find and understand the right way to divide a web site, what its center, and what it generally wants from the end user. (Does this magazine also have an end user?)

My role

My role in this project was to lead researches and to design the website itself. also was under of my responsibility was to make sure it’s a user friendly, google friendly and most of all accessible

  • User researcher
  • UX designer

Design Process

Design Process

Step A from my process

My first step in the design process is always trying to convert the research to visual. Where every element should be placed and which color should I choose. Of course sizes and alignment is also important

Sub step A1

The first thing I do on the way to designing a website is to start researching users / competitors, figuring out what I stand against. What my competitors are doing well or not well, and what users need

Sub step A2

After doing research, it's time to take out a notebook and pencil and start scribbling, brainstorming with coworkers and start building an initial sketch of "how the web site / application / system will look.

Sub step A3

After setting sizes, colors, pictures, etc. It's time to open Photoshop and start designing.

UX Designer

Step B from my process

After I designed an initial sketch (and got permission to continue the process), it's time to start determining sizes, shapes, images, and colors. Starting work with the development department if necessary, and sharing the information between me and those who are responsible for the development of the project (while providing time)

Step C from my process

At this stage it has already started working on the web site's checker, what works and what does not, what needs immediate change and what is recommended to leave as it is. Keyword research, page descriptions and the code itself to improve the visibility of the site in Google.

Continue working in Analytics and WMT.