“Have no fear of perfection — you’ll never reach it.” – Salvador Dali

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Raphael Sydof

Raphael Naor Sydof

Born  September 7, 1990 (age 28), Afula (Israel)

Nationality  Israeli

Education  Avni College for art & design

"Raphael helped set up and design most of our support sites, blogs and our FAQ site. Thanks to his design capabilities, and thinking out of the box, each site received its uniqueness."
~ Ido, pro.co.il ~
"Raphael helped me with the design of the site, made it responsive and mobile-friendly. Resumes the design of the logo. Excellent service and very considerate customer"
~ Shir Zelinger ~

In 2014 I graduated my studies at Avni College for art & design, in Tel-Aviv Jaffa, for my Interactive Design class. Between 2014-2015 I graduated my studies in Digitalent, Google Academy, Tel-Aviv, for my SEO & PPC studies. In 2016 I took a course on Introduction to JavaScript and Angular2.0 in Workshop Studio, Tel-Aviv. In 2018 I graduated my studies in Udemy for UX/UI & web design master course by Joe Natolie. In 2019 I graduated my Flexbox and CSS animation course at Udemy.
Experience & Career
2019 Junior Drupal Developer at DXC. Mechelen Working for the government of Flanders. we developed multiple features and websites for them. Websites for mention as Dienstencataloog, HB-plus, Dataroom mow and others more. As a part of the development team, we worked with several tools such as:
  • Drupal as the main CMS platform
  • Docker-composer to run Behat testing and Devilbox and to connect the git to our local machine.
  • Drush
  • GitLab
  • GitBash as a pmd tool

2017-2018 Freelance Web Designer & UX/UI consultant Over the past year, I have been working as a freelancer for several projects, mostly as a UX / UI designer and consultant but also as an actual website designer.
  • Helping clients define their needs in/on website.
  • UX/UI - definition & planning, architecture, design
  • Using Auxre to create a good wireframe for the clients
  • Actually designing their websites (mostly on WordPress platform)

2015-2017 SEO Senior & Junior UX/UI designer at 'Pro.co.il ' A small high-tech company that brings together a wide range of craftsmen and technicians. The company provides various services in accordance with B2B and B2C. When each audience has its own site
  • Organic promotion of the main sites in Google and Facebook.
  • UX/UI - definition & planning, architecture, design
  • Production and design
  • Construction and distribution of the company's newsletter
  • Writing content for blogs and support

2015 SEO at 'Zap.co.il' Zap Group is a large company that provides website building services and promotion to a wide range of customers in various fields. Similar to the yellow pages
  • Organic promotion on Google and Facebook of a variety of websites, including the Zap Tourist website
  • Production, characterization and design of new sites on CMS platforms.

2013-2014 Graphic artist at AK studio A small design studio for print and web, I worked there as an intern while studying
  • Interactive design, landing pages and banners, logos and promotional products
  • Web designing for multiple clients – on WordPress and Drupal platforms
  • lead designer of several project (for print)
Personal life
I was born on September 7, 1990 in Afula, northern Israel. I grew up and was educated in the "Beit Hashmonai" settlement near Jerusalem until the end of my high school years. At the age of 18, I joined the IDF and served in the Artillery Corps for three years until the age of 21. During my military service, I improved my graphic skills through a course in graphic design and editing that was funded by the army, and during the last six months of my service I served as the graphic designer of the unit. After my military service, I moved to the southernmost city of Israel - Eilat, where I worked as a bartender for 8 months in one of the city's most luxurious hotels (there I met my future wife). After this period, I moved with my wife to the center of Israel (Rishon Letzion) where I began my studies as a graphic designer in Tel Aviv. In 2017 I got married. And in September 2017 we moved together to live in Belgium, in  Hasselt, Limburg.
Hobbies & Passion
My main hobbies are art, music, traveling and hiking. For me, the combination of music and nature creates inspiration for the world of design and beauty. This endless freedom of nature and the enjoyment of high-quality music create an open world for creativity and thoughts

Technical Skills

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